A Proven Leader in Digital Loyalty

9.5 M

Customer Relationships

4.5 M

Coupons Redeemed

37 M

Loyalty Visits Registered

81 M

Text Messages Sent



24/7 customer service. No contracts!


Cardless Loyalty

No more paper, no more plastic...PlumReward makes loyalty simple for your customers through our unique digital tracking system.

POS Independent

No complicated integrations, no messy wires. Our system is neat and simple yet delivers powerful results.

No Apps or Downloads Required

Don't confuse your customers or make them work hard to engage with your brand.

Custom Offers

Make each offer unique to your business. Our system is designed to track each offer individually giving you maximum results.

Simple Entry

Customers can record their visit in less than 10 seconds without sharing their phone number with staff.

Text Delivery

Your offers are delivered by text message which has a 98% customer open rate.

Fraud Prevention

Our technology is battle-tested and proven to greatly reduce fraud. Put our 8 years of industry experience to the test.

Helpful Analytics

Let our system do the heavy lifting. Target frequent or non-frequent guests. Create customer groups. View campaign results in real-time!